Why today is the worst, and tights reign supreme

(An open letter to the white car that splashed me this morning)

Today in my city it freezing slush rained (new, and accurate, weather term) turning the sidewalks and roads into a chilly, slippery soup of slush, snow, and rain. I zipped up my winter coat, I put on my water-resistant backpack, and I popped up my umbrella to trek to the bus stop. It’s 30 seconds away from my house, but I employed and elderly person shuffle to get there this morning, taking me 3 minutes to slip and slide the short distance, so I didn’t fall square on my bum and get soaked.

No matter.

Thanks, driver of the white Pontiac, that splashed me this morning, speeding down Edinburgh Road sending a tidal wave of gritty slush all over me, as I waited at the bus stop. I didn’t particularly want or need to be dry and warm anyways. I think my coat looked nice covered in lumpy grey sludge. You’re right, it was refreshing as the some of the snow hit the side of my face. My tights are positively drenched, but they look so much cuter this way.


I get it, the Tuesday after a long weekend sucks, and everybody’s rushing to get to work – me included. I just hadn’t planned on entering my office as the human embodiment of a puddle.

The good news is that tights dry hella quickly. The bad news is, down-filled coats do not. Tuesdays suck.

~ Julia

p.s. OH, and I have a cold. So this is essentially what I look like, snow and all.


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