The Secret Trivial Pursuit Master

Last night was our Trivial Pursuit challenge. In an interesting twist, neither Ed nor my father won. Mum and Julia were the runaway winners. And when I say runaway, I mean that they beat the other two teams by one point. So not really runaway at all actually.

Ed is now determined to play solely my father as a truer test of their trivia knowledge. Before this happens, I think that we should buy another edition of Trivial Pursuit that’s not from 1972. Honestly, the entertainment category was the worst because I, unlike my mother, know very little about the stage names of actors and actresses circa 1943. I also have virtually no knowledge of American geography or the starting line-up of the 1956 New York Yankees. These are just some of the many reasons I will never be a Trivial Pursuit champion.

In much more positive news, the Oscars are this Sunday. Julia and I will, once again, be blogging throughout the extremely long evening so that you, good people, need not bother watching anything that happens after Seth MacFarlane’s opening bit. This year, since we’ve so obviously moved up in the world, I will also be live tweeting, so please feel free to keep tabs on our sarcastic musings @SarcasmSoapbox.

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

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4 thoughts on “The Secret Trivial Pursuit Master

  1. Can I buy tickets to the Ed-LordCharlesington showdown? I feel that this will be amazing and love that your Dad has stoked Ed’s determination haha

  2. Of course. All proceeds go to me.

  3. Ridiculous quest there. What happened after? Thanks!

  4. Well, this ultimate showdown of trivia knowledge has yet to occur, and it might never, but if it does, I will definitely be live-tweeting it.

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