The Good News About Loud Breathers

Today in my History of Literary Production class, I ended up sitting next to the loud breather again. Honestly, it has reached the point that it’s not even annoying any longer, just ridiculous and funny. He breathes so loudly! I don’t understand how he sounds like he’s asleep all the time. He’s not even breathing through his mouth. It truly is remarkable. I’m actually kind of concerned for his respiratory health.

In any case, this very instance has made me realize that there is in fact a cap on my irritation. At some point, something annoying will cease to be irritating and in fact become hilarious. I’m still waiting for this to happen with the whispering, which has definitely become my number pet peeve, even above mass emails.

Also, whisper-related, I witnessed someone in my History of Literary Production class ask two girls to kindly shut up during class, which was both uplifting and exciting. I’m not kidding, it brought me a lot of joy.

I think that what I want you to take away from this post is that, at some point, you will one day encounter someone doing the thing that irritates you the most to an extent that’s so ridiculous, you’ll only be able to laugh. I personally find this really uplifting. It brings me great relief to know that some day I will be able to look at the people loudly whispering in church and think “this is so outrageous I can’t even be mad”.

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

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