The fine line between bitterness and sarcasm

There’s a bit of a fine line between bitterness and sarcasm, but how you choose to express yourself can really define you.

If you actually want to be bitter, well then that’s terribly sad, but up to you I guess. But I think it’s time people realize that unfortunate things happen to everybody, every day. You’re not the only one in university/who has to work late/who’s stressed/who’s feeling cash strapped/who has had their heart broken. Don’t get me wrong, I love me a good curmudgeon! Posting a rant is your prerogative but why be jaded when you can be funny? Why be bitter when you can be clever?

Sharing the humour turns you from:




Somehow, the innate humour in sarcasm allows people to sympathize with your plight, or at least laugh along with you. Bitterness just makes us roll our eyes.

~ Julia

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One thought on “The fine line between bitterness and sarcasm

  1. jhubner73 says:

    Self-deprecation is what separates the adults from the kiddos. Sarcasm is a vital part of that. Bitter=pathetic and hollow.

    Great post.

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