1 fake Irish accent + 1 Oscar nominated actress = Leap Year (?)

On the weekend Hil and I sat down and watched approximately an hour of Leap Year. There was just absolutely nothing else on. It was in the middle of the movie, but Leap Year was one of those romantic comedies that had one of the most horrible trailers ever that gave away the entire film in the span of 30 seconds. Rather than leave you guessing, or at least intrigued about the plot, the trailer gave a good amount of back story, and most of the actual story, in only half a minute. Admittedly, Hilary and I mocked it rather mercilessly, because after watching the trailer there was absolutely no reason to watch the movie. The plot was so obvious. And kind of silly.

But watching (at least some) of the movie on the weekend was relaxing and delightful. While the plot still obvious and silly, the scenery was beautiful – all muted grey and green tones – and there’s something just really lovely about Amy Adams. It gave me the same feeling that watching Must Love Dogs gives me. It’s just so charming, so innocuous, you can pick it up half of the way through and never finish it, but you leave feeling content. Content and lovely. Leap Year was so much like that, only I wanted to watch it the whole way through to watch more gorgeous Irish countryside and more gorgeous Matthew Goode. He’s not even Irish, he’s English (and was in Chasing Liberty. That should tell you something.), and you can kind of tell because his slow, lilting Irish accent is a bit off, but it’s still soothing as all heck. And while Amy Adams’s character is so incredibly archetypal – honestly, we’ve seen Katherine Heigl play this character in every single one of her movies – Adams is actually believable in the role. Perhaps it’s because she’s an Oscar nominated actress and can actually act, but she takes the tired, stereotypical tropes of the RomCom and gives us a real character. I can’t even believe that I’m so favourably analyzing this in so much depth – it’s Leap Year for goodness sake – but I am. Amy Adams gives a really good performance, as silly as it is to say.

I watched the whole thing through tonight. It ended exactly how I thought it would; the previews indeed assured me of that. But unlike Much Love Dogs, I wanted to see that predictable ending. I wanted to watch the whole damn happy feel-good thing. It was just so … pretty.

~ Julia

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