The Women Tell All (never has there been more boring TV)

It’s the Women Tell All! Or WTA according to Twitter. When did acronym that become a thing?

To be honest, this show is the worst. It’s stressful. The whole thing is one giant recap but with bitchy commentary. I can’t handle it. Sooo …

Funny things Hilary, Carolyn and I talked about instead:

Highlights from the show:

  • Tierra says that she lights up in a room and she brings a joy. Two women in the audience laugh with derision, as do the women of America.
  • Chris, asking amazingly leading questions, questions Tierra if there’s anything she wants to take back, anything she wants to apologize for. Robyn leans forward in her chair, eyebrow raised, and Tierra says “um, off the top of my head, no.” I just can’t help but feel like this woman is … delusional. And really, with a personality such as hers, she would have to be.
  • “I’m not calling you a liar, AshLee, I’m saying that you lied to me.” – Tierra.
  • “I can’t control my eyebrow, who cares??” – Tierra. Chris: “AMERICA does.”

All in all, when AshLee tells Sean that he said, “there is nothing between those two girls” (Catherine and Lindsay) and Sean looks at her blankly and says “I… never said that” things just got super, super awkward. AshLee, would not let it go, she keeps saying “clearly you did say it” and Sean keeps saying that he didn’t, and all in all she looks a bit cray. It’s all just remarkably awkward. Worst. Women. Tell. All. Ever.

Next week, it’ll be “like fireworks are going off in my heart!” (according to Catherine). See you next week for the proposal!

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