I call this failing at life

I realized just now that it has taken me until 9:00 pm to start a blog. I call this failing at life. It’s up there with not doing any dishes, leaving laundry until the last possible minute (or last possible pair of underwear), and putting off getting groceries. And in my life, all of these things seem to coincide so that I’ve got no food, no knickers, no dishes, and no blog posts. Failing. At. Life.

The really sad bit is that this isn’t the first time I’ve lived on my own. I lived in Toronto with two really wonderful friends and I really didn’t feel like I was failing at life back then. Maybe I just had more underwear (though I can’t imagine where it would have all gone), and I know for a fact that living with people sort of shames me into being cleanly/doing dishes on the regular. But the sad bit is that back then I was living, essentially, under the poverty line and could barely afford to take care of myself. I existed on a steady diet of quinoa, chick peas, tuna, and spinach.

So, to make up for my laziness, and to give me time to look after myself a bit, check out this episode of QI featuring Daniel Radcliff being a total Hermione, and Lee Mack struggling with “I before E except after C.”

~ Julia

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