“One narrow icy path of slippery doom”

I walk home from school through a park. It’s supposedly a short cut, but I think that really depends on how fast you walk and whether or not you have to trek through four feet of snow next to a swing set. I mean, my brother told me it was a short cut, but Julia used to just walk around the park and I don’t think it took her any more time. Really it just comes down to whether you’d rather walk up a hill or trudge through the park. Most people go through the park.

I mean, it’s great in the fall and spring because you don’t have to walk up a hill. Hills are the worst. You’re just enjoying a peaceful stroll back home after an exhausting day of learning (usually about things you wish you knew nothing about) and bam! Suddenly your glutes are burning. Who wants that? Certainly not I.

The problem arises during the winter when the park is covered in snow and never gets salted, sanded, or shoveled. And why would it? It’s a park. But then multitudes of people who either think it’s a short cut or don’t want to walk up a hill march through the park. The first person starts the path and then everyone else follows it because it’s way easier than trying to wade your own way through the snow. And soon there’s one narrow, icy path of slippery doom between the monkey bars and the slide. Honestly, at this point, I may as well just start practicing for the Olympic luge team.

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

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