Left behind

I know that Kobos and Kindles are really popular. I know that people these days tote around iPads. I know that “ultrabooks” are replacing the laptop (read: laptop without CD/DVD drive). Those things seem great. But I love my little DVD/CD drive, and I love all my books. Sometimes technology is great, sometimes I just get left behind.

People have all sorts idea about the future of traditional and digital media. My newspaper subscription is online and I love the convenience – is it just me or are newspapers really hard to prop up and read at the same time? (I know it’s not just me.) But when it comes to eBooks, I just can’t seem to get behind it. For me, they’ll never be the same. It’s the same with CDs. Yes, I still buy CDs. For some reason, having that CD make my support of an artist or band seem more … real. It means that half the time I have to order things off of Amazon because HMV doesn’t carry a good selection of folk/indie and my local music store closed. (Sad face.) The fact that it closed is a pretty good indication that CDs are on the way out and iTunes will soon reign supreme. But until that day, I’m going to fight it tooth and nail and wait for my Shout Out Louds album to arrive in the mail. I might be left behind, but darn, I’ve got a great looking library.

~ Julia

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