DAMN cupcakes are photogenic!

Food does not photograph well.

This is something they told us in college and something that was reaffirmed last week when I was snapping some quick instagram pics of my lasagna to prove to you all how deliciously easy it could be. In the pan, from a distance? Cheesy and lovely. Up close so you could see the lovely vegetables? Well, let’s just say that it photographed like something that had already been digested. The fact is, unless you’ve got a lovely camera and good lighting in your kitchen, your food looks like … vomit.

There. I said it.

And unfortunately, in my basement apartment with my iPhone I have come to realize this through experience, and I think it’s something that you, fellow instagram user, needs to realize as well. I bet the bananas foster you ate in a dimly lit romantic restaurant was probably delicious. But your instagram pic looks like something the cat brought up.

The only exception ever is cupcakes. DAMN are cupcakes photogenic!

75918_10151769213570193_1564276552_n 380500_10152046562020193_675760206_n 389219_10151724229730193_26537013_nI took all of these with my phone and a little bit of instagram help. I eat a lot of cupcakes. I regret nothing.

The whole point to this message is that if I follow you on intagram I would appreciate it if you bought a lot more cupcakes and photographed a lot less pasta. Yup, I took a whole post to say that. Now, who’s hungry?

~ Julia

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