This song isn’t about Irish people. It’s about breath-taking sunsets at best.

St. Patrick’s Day is nearly upon us, and this year, there will be an all new irritant added to the mix. Never mind drunk girls wearing tank tops with sayings like “Irish Whiskey Makes me Frisky” even though they’re not Irish nor do they know anybody who is, and nevermind all day pancake keggers resulting in youth stumbling about into traffic all day long. No that nonsense is nothing compared to this song, which you can bet is going to be bloody everywhere this weekend:

Now I have nothing against Macklemore nor, TBH do I have much against St. Paddy’s day either, but I have some beef with this song because the part that makes is fun, interesting, and celebratory, is the hook that they have completely sampled from Beirut’s song “Scenic World.”

Beirut isn’t Irish! Founder Zach Condon is from New Mexico. The song isn’t even about Ireland or Irish people. At best it’s about breath-taking sunsets, which could apply to Ireland, but it could apply to anywhere really. They’ve taken this lovely song that has NOTHING to do with the Irish and turned into some sort of anthem for the Irish. It irks me.


~ Julia

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