Double duty

Photo by Alison Sutton @ Finest Affairs

Photo by Alison Sutton @ Finest Affairs

I’m officially pulling double duty. That’s right! I’m two-timing the Soapbox. It’s ok though, I’ll still be posting here on the regular (except for yesterday when I didn’t post at all. I don’t know what happened. I apologize. The timing is so very unfortunately ironic. I promise, I won’t leave you.) but I’ll also be blogging over at Finest Affairs for my lovely friend Ali.

Finest Affairs is an online store stocked with all the party necessities. It’s got engraved flasks, whisky stones, retro paper straws, mason jars, paper lanterns, and personalized prints you can’t get anywhere else. In short, it’s all kinds of awesome, and you should all check it out! And while you’re there, stop by the blog section to read my first Finest Affairs blog. It’s not nearly as scathing as the stuff I post here, but I promise, it’ll still be good.

~ Julia

(Oh and while you’re at it, follow Finest Affairs on Twitter! @FinestAffairs)

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