Car shopping Mum vs Dad

I’ve started shopping around for a used car because tbh the bus is not entirely that convenient. In some ways transit it awesome, and I love my bus driver (he’s just the nicest man) but in other ways … well, I’m getting tired of listening to this woman’s cranky two-year old (every time!), taking groceries on the bus is less than ideal, and I’d like the convenience of being to go wherever, whenever, without transferring three times.

So, I’ve started the search. I went out last night with both my dad and mum. The sales guy probably thought I was 16, bringing both my parents, but I can be a bit gullible. I like to think of myself as honest and trusting but I knew that I didn’t want to get talked into anything. In any case, car shopping is a ton of fun. Trying out a car is a lot more exciting than trying on a pair of jeans.

It’s also quite hilarious to go with both parents because my dad stomps around the outside of the car kicking it and such and looking for dents, rust, signs it’s been in an accident, and then tinkers under the hood, while my mum and I sit inside and play with the AC, CD player and make sure the cup holder situation is adequate. She and I say things like “oh, these buttons look nice” and “ah yes, the back support in this seat is lovely.” Meanwhile my dad talks about car faxes, kilometers, mileage, and radiators.

This is why I don’t think I could ever go car shopping alone. With one other (perhaps more) rational person with me, I won’t just buy the car that’s the cutest (a real concern – have you seen Toyota Yaris hatchbacks? They look like jellybeans! Delicious.) I’ll buy the car that’s the best deal. Now, to work on my haggling skills…

~ Julia

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