And this is why I have road rage, short hair, and can’t stand people who whisper at the movies.

Hey. Hi guys. Hey. I haven’t got much interesting to say today, thought I’d just disclaim that right up front, so I’m going to share all the things that are new with me. There aren’t many, but they’re still kind of interesting. It’ll be cool.

I’ve ditched boots and have started to bare my ankles to the world (off to a good start, eh?). It’s only about 5 degrees here on a good day but there’s no more snow and I just can’t seem to stomach the idea of putting socks on in the morning. I WANT SOME SPRING WEATHER DAMNIT! For now, bare ankles will have to suffice.

I’ve started to reread A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon. It’s really good, especially the fourth time around. I’ve sorted of realized that one of the characters actually likely has clinical anxiety, one of the characters might not be that great of a parent, and I’ve fallen in love with an all new favourite character. In any case, Haddon is English, and the story is about the personal crises each member of an English family faces and it’s just delightful. You should read it. 

I’ve realized that I am not at all very patient. This is why I have road rage, short hair, and can’t stand people who whisper at the movies. I need to work on it. At the same time, if you’ve come to the movies and paid $12 to get in, shut the heck up and watch the bloody film.

I’m in the process of buying a car. I’m not even sure what this process even entails, nor all the steps, nor what order the steps go in (credit union, insurance company, dealership, WHO COMES FIRST?) but this is why I have my dad. He’s a good one, my dad, and has let me look exclusively at hatchbacks (because I think they’re cute) and has helped me find two that are not only adorable, but safe and in great condition. He was never able to find Hilary boots that fulfilled all these criteria, but maybe cars are just easier to shop for. I’ll let you know which one I end up buying.

I bought these coasters (holla Finest Affairs!). After spending almost a year with only two coasters from Anthropologie (because I couldn’t afford to buy any more) I finally got a set. You’re all invited over for drinks.

~ Julia

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