What’s in a name? (It’s almost as if the Middletons knew.)

I’ve been thinking up names for my hatchback, that I haven’t even bought yet, but will likely have done in the near-ish future. It’s a bit tricky to be honest. I’ve been tossing around Lucy, Ruby, Ruth, Mildred, Millicent, Hank, Bruce, Parker (it seems mildly punny), and Pippa, in memory of my long-dead cactus. I could call her Pips for short. I’ll let you know what I chose when I, you know, choose a car.

But thinking of Pippa my former cactus has made me think of that other famous Pippa, Pippa Middleton. Can you imagine if Prince William (in some sort of alternate universe with an alternate concept of time) fell in love with Pippa Middleton instead of Kate? And so instead of the English Monarchy being stuffy and traditional and insisting on calling her “Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge” they had to insist on calling her “Phillipa, Duchess of Cambridge”? I mean it’s almost as if the Middleton parents knew eh? Best give this daughter a name befitting of royalty. Oh, this second daughter? Yeah, sure we can name her after your awful grandma. Why not.

Poor, Pippy Middleton. Poor Pips indeed.

~ Julia

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One thought on “What’s in a name? (It’s almost as if the Middletons knew.)

  1. My hatchback is Carmen Electra. I didn’t want her getting bogged down with the whole station wagon stereotype. That and Electra sounds like Elantra which helps me remember what kind of car I now drive.

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