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Dance Competitions and a Variety of Awfulness

Yesterday was the second Monday in a row that I didn’t post anything. I wish I had a better reason than just being incredibly lazy, but alas, such is life. If I had managed to pull my life together yesterday, I would’ve blogged about the dance competition Julia and I went to on the weekend. Continue reading

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It’s a slow news day for us all

Well, it must have been a slow news day, because I have learned the most useless things morning. I pity the reporters who had to draft these stories, and because they’re so silly and unnecessary, I thought I’d share them with you. (The stories, not the reporters, that is.) Continue reading

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Fun stuff. Check it out!

I haven’t personally got much to say (except that I wish it would stop raining, I wish I could find a maxi skirt long enough, and I can’t wait for the weekend – shopping in the US! Helloooo less tax!) so, instead, I thought I would share what I’m loving all around the web. Every morning before work, I check out these sites and get a daily dose of smiles. Click on the photos to go to the site! Continue reading

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Ron Swanson is my Spirit Animal

I’ve recently been introduced to Parks and Recreation. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve watched three seasons in the past three four days. It’s really funny and smart. I think what I like the most is the show’s attention to continuity. Beyond that, I also like all of the characters. There isn’t one character that I strongly dislike, which I think is unusual. Continue reading

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How to Name Your Children Part Two: Exotic Locations

I was talking to my friend Carolyn last night about the recent trend of naming your child after exotic locations. All the Dakotas, the Denvers, the Brooklyns, the Londons… Once again, I place most of the blame on celebrities. Thanks, Paris Hilton’s parents. They’re not entirely to blame, though, because Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon named one of their twins Morocco. Continue reading

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I was looking up new music this morning. I do this often because I a) like to discover new things, and b) get bored easily and quickly. I have a very poor attention span. It must be somewhat genetic because my brother’s the same. We couldn’t go to church during the summer because there was no Sunday school and we couldn’t sit still and pay attention long enough. Continue reading

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Twin Forks + Lone Bellow + Ivan & Alyosha


Last night Hil and I went to see Ivan & Alyosha at the Drake in Toronto, and MAN, was it glorious! Everything about it was just so … civilized. We found easy (and cheap!) parking. There were couches and we could sit down before the show, greatly reducing the instances of cripple foot. And, excepting near the end where a girl who was likely a foot shorter than me stood incredibly close to me and inadvertently (I hope) brushed my bum with her arm every time she moved, nobody was crowding us, nobody stepped on us, nobody tried to stand directly in front of us. Even that short girl ended up moving further away where she could see better and not be behind the giants that Hilary and I are. Continue reading

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Mixing patterns

After a reeeeeeeally long winter wherein I wanted to wear mostly only grey, mixing all kinds of busy prints feels very spring-like to me.

All the scarves at Chapters

All the scarves at Chapters

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The scientific world is ripping me off

OH MY GOSH GUYS! My hypothesis has been confirmed, by a major Canadian paper no less! The Globe and Mail recently published an article that stated that the key to work ethic is glucose. Which, I’m thinking, is pretty much the same thing as saying sugar can replace caffeine. I mean, sure the article goes on to say that glucose, as opposed to artificial sweeteners, helps you focus and retain energy, and that you should eat fruit, nuts, and things in order to accomplish this. Whereas, the corn syrup a.k.a. glucose/fructose in candy will likely cause you to have a major spike in energy and then slip into a sugar coma. But, people, the gist is kind of the same. I really think that I should have my name added to this study for developing and realizing this theory first. More fuzzy peaches anyone? Continue reading

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Rumer Willis is actually a babe, and other fascinating things Coachella taught me.

Yesterday I came across this gallery on “Coachella 2013: What the stars wore!” It’s full of normal people trying to look all bohemian and bohemian people trying to look double-bohemian (Vanessa Hudgens is literally holding a six foot tall sunflower. That is a ridiculous accessory). But it did show me some incredibly ridiculous and/or noteworthy things that I think needed pointing out. Continue reading

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