“You’re a massive lad”

Recently Hilary alerted me to the most hilarious spam comment on our blog as of yet. We get a lot of spam comments and we just delete them usually. Most of them are about Search Engine Optimization and they’re very obviously spam because they call posts like “Fruit Troubles” “highly informative articles.” Which they’re not, (which is the beauty of them: they’re hilarious and inane) so it’s all pretty clearly spam.

But recently we got a comment that said “I have read not 1 article on your site. You’re a massive lad.”

What the fridge?

We are assuming that this is spam because we’d like to continue to think highly of the human race. If it’s not, this person really should study the laws of grammar a bit more carefully. And excuse me? A “massive lad”? I don’t know if that’s supposed to be a compliment or not. It sounds a bit rude, to be honest, and neither of us are in fact lads. This comment is so comically odd, I’m considering adopting it and using it as a catch phrase. A “massive lad” will come to mean great guy, or good friend. When somebody does me a favour: “Thanks friend! You’re a massive lad!”

I really think I could pull this off.

~ Julia

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2 thoughts on ““You’re a massive lad”

  1. Alison G says:

    Were they from Australia? In Sydney they talked about lads all the time – it basically translates to “lower-class hooligans” there. So you’d say something like “There were a bunch of lads causing trouble on the train.” Don’t know if that makes you feel better or worse lol

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