Why the Voice is infinitely better than American Idol

I’m watching The Voice right now and man, this show is just ridiculously positive. Without Christina Aguilera, Queen of Negativity and Aging Implants, the whole show is just so happy, really setting it apart from a lot of other reality competition shows. Even when the judges bicker with each other it’s all very good natured and funny – and with Usher on the show, often it includes a sweet victory dance. It’s just lovely, it’s like turning on the tv and watching a hug. (Stick with me, this is an apt metaphor.) The parents are supportive, the audience is supportive, Carson Daly is supportive, the judges are supportive, and even if the contestants don’t get chosen to be on a team, they still leave positive and determined to keep singing. Add that to the fact that they pre-weed out the less fortunate singers, so all you see is great talent, and no crushed feelings, it’s all around inspiring.

I’m sure Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey duking it out can be amusing. But more amusing is Usher’s cheeky grin. We all might miss Cee Lo and his bond villain cat, but I certainly am glad I don’t have to watch Keith Urban’s over stylist and straightened hair.

~ Julia

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