The need for focused groups still continues

Have you seen the new Revlon commercials for “PhotoReady Primer + Shadow” featuring Halle Berry? They’re ridiculous.

First of all, I question the very name of the product. “PhotoReady”? We’re not all Halle Berry. I for one know that no paparazzi will jump out of bushes as I get into my car after work. Nobody is taking sneaky secret pictures of me at random times – generally I know when somebody is going to take my photo. Most normal people don’t need to be absolutely photo ready, with all the urgency that implies, all the time. Most of us just need to be presentable for work. And it’s primer + shadow, which does indeed seem like a time saver, if only people actually used primer. My sister-in-law does and let me tell you, she has great-looking eyelids. But for the rest of us, I feel like priming our eyelids each morning is perhaps not high on the list of priorities. I’m more concerned with running away from the spider in my room (it came back guys. I’m panicking.)

Second, there’s the incredibly obvious concern: the amount of lavender eye shadow Miss Berry is wearing. The whole “purple raccoon” look  is doing little to sell me on the product. Being quite frank: I just don’t want to look like that.

But finally, I can’t help but think that having Halle Berry, specifically, say “dare to create all kinds of drama” is perhaps not the best idea. After all, her current boyfriend and her previous boyfriend got into a horrible fist fight last Thanksgiving and while I’m not saying that Halle created that drama, it is perhaps the sort of drama I’d like to stay away from.

~ Julia

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One thought on “The need for focused groups still continues

  1. Poonam says:

    In defense of the product, “PhotoReady” is merely the brand within Revlon’s portfolio. It began with PhotoReady foundation, which was a unique proposition due to the fact that it had a fairly high level of SPF yet was still able to photograph well with flash photography (which is actually extremely unlikely, since SPF causes flashback in photos). It doesn’t have much to do with the shadows, but for what it’s worth, the palettes are great.

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