Tabloid publishers: perhaps they’re the dumb ones?

As a sort of follow up to Hilary’s post, I thought I’d write about a headline recently published in People that our sister-in-law Jess shared with me. So, Jess, this one goes out to you – thanks for alerting me to all of this incredible ridiculousness.

The headline in question reads: “Why are Michelle Obama’s bangs already ‘getting a little irritating’?

For the love of lanta! You know what’s irritating People? The fact that Michelle Obama is one of the most of the most influential women in the world and you’re devoting an entire article to how she’s growing out her bangs. The article opens with “We like to think we’d have a lot to talk about if we met Michelle Obama. We also love J. Crew, enjoy doing ‘Mom Dances’, and — as any girl who’s had bangs knows well — we’ve experienced the dreaded ‘growing-out’ phase” as if the only things that make Mrs. Obama interesting are her interests in preppy fashion and haircuts. What perhaps is even worse, in the opinion of Jess and I, is how they chose to end the article: “For lots more from the First Lady, including how inspired she is by all the First Ladies who have preceded her, check out the video and tell us: What’s your best grow-out-your-bangs trick? Mrs. Obama, take notes!” Completely glossing over the whole “inspirational women” part, the writer goes straight to a plea for tips for Michelle as she grows out her bangs.

I know that People is not an intellectual publication and I know that I should not expect it to be. But even if they had wanted to run a fashion and beauty piece on Michelle Obama, they could have talked about the pressures of being in the public eye, how to dress for public events, and how to dress and raise teen-aged daughters in the spotlight. Any of that would have been even just the tiniest bit more intelligent than “growing out bangs is irritating” (even though, tbh, it totally is.)

~ Julia

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