Lies the Weather Network told me

“It’ll be 21 and sunny!”

Bloody freezing it was. What do you think this is Weather Network, England? In the glorious region of Southern Ontario, when you say 21 and sunny that’s just sort of what I expect. Not 16 and mostly cloudy. It’s not London. Cripes. In any case, I decided against wearing tights today for the first time this spring, and determinedly went outside at lunch and sat by the river, where my legs became all goosebumped and a frightening amount of blue veins bloomed to the surface of my skin. Not my best look.

It’s a spring false start. It’s warmer than it has been, and there’s no ice storm today, but still, it’s not the sunshiney spring day I was hoping for. Let’s try again shall we?

~ Julia

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