Rumer Willis is actually a babe, and other fascinating things Coachella taught me.

Yesterday I came across this gallery on “Coachella 2013: What the stars wore!” It’s full of normal people trying to look all bohemian and bohemian people trying to look double-bohemian (Vanessa Hudgens is literally holding a six foot tall sunflower. That is a ridiculous accessory). But it did show me some incredibly ridiculous and/or noteworthy things that I think needed pointing out.

First, Alec Baldwin’s model daughter Ireland. Yes that is her name. AND YET, it’s not nearly as silly as her boyfriend’s name “Slater Trout”. He can’t help that his last name is a type of fish, and rhymes with gout, but I question why his parents called him Slater. It just doesn’t … go. Eugene matches so much better. Perhaps it’s silly and insensitive to hold this against him; I regret nothing.

ireland-baldwin-slater-troutSecond, this is Rumer Willis and her boyfriend who looks exactly like Max from The Arkells but isn’t. LOOK HOW PRETTY SHE IS! She clearly just needs to smile with her teeth all the time! They’re gorgeous teeth and she has a rather large toothy grin, which detracts from her sizable chin. RUMER! What have you been doing with your life?

jayson-blair-rumer-willisAnd finally, I bring you Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson, who style-wise at least, can do no wrong. Digging the floppy hat.

diane-kruger-josh-jackson~ Julia

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2 thoughts on “Rumer Willis is actually a babe, and other fascinating things Coachella taught me.

  1. Are you sure Rumer hasn’t had something done? She looks a little, a lot, different. Or is it just me?

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