The scientific world is ripping me off

OH MY GOSH GUYS! My hypothesis has been confirmed, by a major Canadian paper no less! The Globe and Mail recently published an article that stated that the key to work ethic is glucose. Which, I’m thinking, is pretty much the same thing as saying sugar can replace caffeine. I mean, sure the article goes on to say that glucose, as opposed to artificial sweeteners, helps you focus and retain energy, and that you should eat fruit, nuts, and things in order to accomplish this. Whereas, the corn syrup a.k.a. glucose/fructose in candy will likely cause you to have a major spike in energy and then slip into a sugar coma. But, people, the gist is kind of the same. I really think that I should have my name added to this study for developing and realizing this theory first. More fuzzy peaches anyone?

~ Julia

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One thought on “The scientific world is ripping me off

  1. Oh Julia. Sugar and caffeine… Dear lord!

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