Twin Forks + Lone Bellow + Ivan & Alyosha


Last night Hil and I went to see Ivan & Alyosha at the Drake in Toronto, and MAN, was it glorious! Everything about it was just so … civilized. We found easy (and cheap!) parking. There were couches and we could sit down before the show, greatly reducing the instances of cripple foot. And, excepting near the end where a girl who was likely a foot shorter than me stood incredibly close to me and inadvertently (I hope) brushed my bum with her arm every time she moved, nobody was crowding us, nobody stepped on us, nobody tried to stand directly in front of us. Even that short girl ended up moving further away where she could see better and not be behind the giants that Hilary and I are.


The best part by far though was the total surprise at the opening acts, who just completely blew us away.

Twin Forks lead singer was in Dashboard Confessional but don’t let that influence you; they played catchy, beautiful, upbeat folk.


The Lone Bellow might have been the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard in my life. Their harmonies were flawless, and holy pete man, these people can sing!


And of course, Ivan & Alyosha were incredible live, and I’m so happy I got to see them. When one of your favourite bands comes to a city near you, for only $10, you just gotta go, regardless of what night it is.


~ Julia

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