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Scissor-Knife, Scizzor-Pants, Sabre-Ocean? Introducing my new moniker

Well, folks, after many months of Hilary being Hilary Lyon Axel Hatchet and me just being Julia, we’ve come up with a pen name for me as well. Or nom de plume as my mum said because she’s tres fancy like that. Continue reading

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Here, There, Everywhere a Dollar Store

I don’t know what it is about the city that I live in, but there are dollar stores EVERYWHERE. My friend Kim pointed this out to me a while ago and I now realize that she was 100% correct. In total, we have at least five Dollaramas and then a whole bunch of other dollar stores. Now I have to ask, why? Continue reading

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What’s My Name Again?

I’ve begun signing off these posts as Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet almost automatically. It has become second nature, almost as if it had become my real name. But it hasn’t and I do actually have a real name, a name which is far more socially acceptable and normal. It’s also on all my legal documents, like my driver’s licence, passport, health card, all that jazz. However, my brain seems to think otherwise. Continue reading

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The New Sheryl Crow

I’ve stopped hearing that one Sheryl Crow song multiple times a day, which is fabulous, but now I hear a different song multiple times a day.

Continue reading

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What I’m reading right now: The Gunseller by Hugh Laurie

Yes, that’s right, the beloved House actor is not only English, but also an aspiring author and jazz singer. I’ve heard rather conflicting accounts of Laurie’s music (I don’t mind it, being a fan of both piano and Dick Van Dyke who Laurie sounds eerily alike), but make no mistake: The Gunseller is good, and there are no two ways about it. Continue reading

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Just Me And My Pal, Helen

I’ve finally got some photos to put up on my cubicle walls at work. It’s about time I decorated considering that it’s been a few weeks and I’ve been staring at grey cubicle walls and memos that I don’t fully understand. Continue reading

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WEEEEE’RE BACK! It’s Bachelorette season once again

Are you guys ready? It’s season one million and six of the Bachelorette, starring Des Hartstock (or something.) We’re three minutes in and not only has Des already cried, but Hilary is already irritated by Des. I take this to mean that this is going to be an amazing season. To be fair Des just said that she thinks that she’s Cinderella in the flesh, so perhaps the irritation is not unfounded. I’m not entirely sure what’s happening to The Bachelor franchise, perhaps because now that we all know that the chances of the romance lasting are very slim, they’ve decided they have to up the ante in other ways. And those ways are making the whole thing a giant Mary-Kate and Ashley film. We see Des get car keys to a baby blue Bentley convertible, go roller skating in a bikini top, and chase seagulls along the beach, all to her very own cheesy soundtrack. Continue reading

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Needlepoint, all day, er’day

Well recital is over and the dance season has officially drawn to a close. I too got a tiramisu from the parents (and yes, it was heavenly and delicious) but instead of bramble jam I got buckwheat honey (my favourite) because I already have a jar of bramble jam. Fact. I wasn’t sure what a bramble was either,  but lord, the jam is delicious. Continue reading

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Bramble Jam

Yesterday my parents bought me a little present. It may have been for the dance recital, but I’m not sure. It is incredibly inventive to buy someone tiramisu and jam instead of flowers, I’ll say that much. In any case, the tiramisu was delicious and so is the jam. What kind of jam is it, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s bramble jam. Yes, that’s right, bramble jam. Continue reading

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Humidity hair (TPT continued)

Where I live it gets wicked humid in the summer. The forecast will say 32 and sunny, feels like 39 with the humidity. We’re not up to 39 yet – it’s only May – but we’ll get there come July. Like practically everyone, ever, my hair hates humidity. So, to prevent the inevitable frizz halo, I’ve been rocking the side braid. Five suggestions for beating humidity hair: Continue reading

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