Blue skies

Today has been the most idyllic day, weather-wise, of my entire life. I am in love with this day. Think of the most gorgeous day you’ve ever heard of, or experienced. That was today. Perfect spring-time weather of 22 degrees, sunny, not a single cloud in the sky, light breeze, green grass … sigh.


I sat down by the river at lunch and got a sunburn, in typical fashion. The first nice day always catches me off guard and without sunscreen. I’m a fairly pale person here, let’s be honest with ourselves. I’ve got two grandparents of fair, easily sunburnt complexion, and two grandparents of brown, easily tanned complexion, and through the magic of genetics, I ended up with a sort of blend. A pale complexion that doesn’t repel the sun, like some pale skin does, but, no, attracts the sun like a magnet. Not in the way that my skin soaks it up and turns golden brown, but in the way that the sun seeks me out and destroys me. So I burn in approximately three minutes on a day with high UV, but with SPF 60, reapplied every half hour, I can get a bit of tan. It’s better this way, with the sunscreen and all. Damn holy ozone.


oh hi sunny backyard

In any case, the sunburn has already faded, but the vitamin D high has not. I feel all fuzzy. Welcome back sunshine, freckles, and glasses tan-lines, my old friends! It’s been a while.


~ Julia

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