My new word choice to portray any amount of incredulity is “whaaaat?”, spelled with several As and pronounced with a raising pitch, just so that others really understand how you feel about the situation.

I developed this while Julia and I were in Toronto on Sunday afternoon. It was just a full day of “whaaaat?” really. First of all, we spent an hour on the Gardiner Expressway, which is about twice as long as it took us to even get to the Gardiner. And then two very irritating people cut in front of us without so much as a wave to at least acknowledge their (excuse my language) asshattery (yes, I accept that as a word).

Then we parked our car and walked out of the underground parking behind a car that kept stopping randomly and abruptly to take pictures. They were taking pictures of the underground parking lot. Whaaaaat?

After that, we walked to OCAD to visit my very talented friend Heather at her Grad Expo. Well, that jaunt was also a bit perplexing. We had to weave around large strings of people walking very slowly and meandering up and down the sidewalk in front of us. As we passed the AGO, they were piping what I would consider a cross between Gregorian chants and minimalist avant-guarde music outside. Whaaaat

Side note: at this point, my computer has done something strange and now the punctuation available to me is not the punctuation that I want to be using, so this will be exciting for all us no doubt.

Finally, as we were leaving OCAD and walking back to our car, Julia and I stopped at a walk-thru MacDonald`s window and bought some fries for the drive home, only to have someone on the balcony above repeatedly try to spit on Julia. WHAAAAAT

Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

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