Disclaimer: My punctuation`s still being weird, but I`m just going to roll with it because I`m too lazy to figure out what`s going on. If you know, please feel free to help me out.

I digress. Julia`s birthday is coming up soon, as you already know if you`ve read her wish list post. Frankly I`m surprised she hasn`t mentioned it more. She has this thing about birthdays where she gets needlessly excited for about a month prior. I suppose I shouldn`t say needlessly because she does have a reason to be excited. It is her birthday after all.

In any case, all this birthday talk has got me thinking about my own upcoming birthday. I will be twenty-two this year. No, I will not be listening to that Taylow Swift song. The end of my twenty-first year of living (or maybe this is actually my twenty-second year of living; I was never very good at things like this) marks my somewhat unwilling foray into adulthood as you well know by this point. I have a salary, which is great. Soon I`ll have benefits, which is also great. I`ll also have vacation time, which is even better. Besides, now I have a reason to actually get up in the mornings and make something of my life, not that it`s really made me that much more productive in real life. And that`s why I have decided to set some goals for myself. It`s like a New Year`s resolution, but more effective because I`ll actually do it.

Essentially, my goal is just to do ALL the writing. I plan to write a novel, a television show, and a graphic novel. All of these things are totally feasible. Actually, they are. I can definitely write these things, it`s just a matter of whether or not I can do it well. I`ll keep you posted.

Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

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  1. […] And yet, all of that, can’t wipe the smile off my face. There are only eight more days until my birthday, and this, THIS, is happening all around […]

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