SPRINGTIME! It’s all around me!

SPRINGTIME! Practically overnight, and literally within a matter of days, spring has sprung in my city. We went into the weekend with blue skies and warm sun and came out of the weekend with green grass and leaves on trees. It’s practically perfect. I say practically because the river is so low today I saw a goose wading around in the deepest part and the water came up to his knees; it’s allergy season so there’s pollen flying everywhere (it’s like glitter at recital time – it just sticks); and despite my best efforts at wearing SPF 30 sunscreen I have still managed to burn myself. I purchased SPF 60 and will reapply every half an hour. Just ridiculous. And yet, all of that, can’t wipe the smile off my face. There are only eight more days until my birthday, and this, THIS, is happening all around me.




Happy Spring!

~ Julia

p.s. just gorgeous right? As always, click on the photo to be redirected to the original sites.

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