A Come-back Even More Surprising Than Train’s

The Jonas Brothers are really clinging onto fame. They have apparently come out with a new song.

I will say that I’m glad Kevin has made a hair transformation. In all honesty, and quite surprisingly, he seems to have become the better looking brother. I don’t think any of us thought that would happen. I’m not entirely sure what’s happening to Nick’s hair, but it used to be cuter. And Joe…what is happening? He looks like a cross between a news reporter and George Michael in the ’80s.

Also, how much do you think their back-up band hates themselves right now? Especially that poor woman who has to sing near the end. Actually, I’m not sure I understand the song. Is “pom poms” supposed to be a euphemism for something? Because it’s a terrible one if it is. Is this song exclusively for cheerleaders? Because I don’t think cheerleaders even use pom poms anymore. I think cheerleading has developed into an incredibly impressive sport in which groups of people throw other people into the air. There is no place for pom poms there. That would definitely be a liability.

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

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One thought on “A Come-back Even More Surprising Than Train’s

  1. rainbows123 says:

    riight?? I thought the SAME thing! who wouldve ever thought Kevin would be the best looking brother ?! and now he is! funny how things change.

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