Amanda Bynes, this is why people get hobbies.

It’s time. I think it’s finally time. I’m surprised that neither of us have commented on this yet, because we’re all about ridiculous stuff, but we haven’t which is why I think now is the time to ask: Amanda Bynes, what have you done to your life?

If you told me the humorous teen actor from What a Girl Wants would grow up to wear socks and sandals in New York City, I would have been shocked. Shocked I say.

But seriously, over the past few months, we’ve all seen Amanda Bynes’s life sort of derail, played out very publicly on her Twitter account. She appears to have really clung to her Twitter account, continually asserting that it’s the only reliable source of news on her, and though that would be logical, it doesn’t even seem to be the case. Her tweets give scattered, contradictory accounts of what’s supposedly up to, interspersed with angry messages to the media not to print anything that doesn’t come directly from her Twitter account. (Because that’s how news works…)

She’s shared topless photos of herself via her Twitter (revealing some pretty obvious plastic surgery that would have caused the movie She’s the Man to have played out quite differently) and she’s become unpredictably belligerent, flying off the handle at people who question her antics, or state that she needs help. And, to be fair, it’s her life and nobody’s business. But when the message goes from something along the lines of “stop messing with my life, it’s none of your business” to something more like “you’re fat and old and just jealous” I sort of lose sympathy.

In the end, I have a difficult time trying to reconcile this person portrayed on Twitter with the teen that made all those RomComs. But the real question remains: Amanda Bynes, what the heck have you done with your life? Retire all you want, but this is why people get hobbies. This EXACT reason.

~ Julia

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One thought on “Amanda Bynes, this is why people get hobbies.

  1. rainbows123 says:

    Miley Cyrus goes crazy? Eh. Amanda bynes goes nuts? Ohmygod what is wrong with her??!

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