A Touch of Randomness

I’ve only just realized that Jennifer Lopez is still dating her boyfriend Casper. This came as a great surprise to me because, and maybe this is just my opinion, it didn’t seem like something that would be lasting incredibly long when it first began. But I suppose it really is, well, real and I should get used to them as a couple. On the plus side, Casper seems to have a much healthier complexion and body weight as compared to poor Mark Anthony. That poor man. Part of me suspects he has scurvy or crippling anemia, but these are just thoughts not fact.

I’ve also been thinking about those RealTouch Vinyl skin dolls that used to be advertised on the back of my sudoku books. I haven’t bought one of those in a while because I’m no longer in school and thus don’t have hours of time to fill while sitting in lectures about 18th century British literature or colonialism, which is basically the same thing and the majority of the material I was forced to study for somewhat unclear reasons. Anyhow, I looked it up, just to see what new and horrific dolls they had since come up with.

Their newest “So Truly Real” doll is billed as “anatomically correct”, which is a bit eerie. She also has a pacifier, socks, and hand-applied hair. If you would like to see a picture of her, or perhaps even purchase said $170.00 doll, click here. If you would not like to find a small, startlingly realistic, anatomically correct doll staring into your soul with permanently open eyes and hand-applied hair for fear of emotional and psychological scarring, I suggest that you do not click there.

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

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