Needlepoint, all day, er’day

Well recital is over and the dance season has officially drawn to a close. I too got a tiramisu from the parents (and yes, it was heavenly and delicious) but instead of bramble jam I got buckwheat honey (my favourite) because I already have a jar of bramble jam. Fact. I wasn’t sure what a bramble was either,  but lord, the jam is delicious.

In any case, now that I don’t have to drive to Buffalo or hold on to sweaty tights, I’m going to have an outrageous amount of free time on my hands. Here are just a few of my summer plans, that I think will really help me pass the time.

1. Make a lot of ice cream. First up: Mint chocolate chip.

2. Read all the Harry Potter books in the sunshine (possibly while eating ice cream). The HP series ending left a huge void in my life, because I’m super cool like that. Every year growing up, for about five years, Rowling would publish another HP book and it just doesn’t feel properly like summer without Harry Potter, dragons, wizardry and teen-aged angst.

3. Go to the beach (and possibly read HP there). I have an adorable hatchback just the right size for beach chairs, straw mats, and a cooler full of watermelon.

4. Play croquet. This seems like a really summery thing to do, and something that would go really well with an ice-cold gin and tonic, so I mean, why not? I think, in the end, I’ll find trying to get the ball through the wickets immensely frustrating, and I do find most organized activities abhorrent, but there will be gin. Let’s not forget that.

5. Needlepoint. This seems like a really, really, really, time consuming activity, where at the end, I’ll have something absolutely useless, but hopefully quite pretty (but only if I do it right.) While I realize life is in fact not a Jane Austen novel, it would effectively use a lot of time.

6. Skeet shooting. Much like brambles, I wasn’t really sure what a skeet was, but now that I know it’s just a clay target (albeit a moving one), and also an Olympic sport, I think it’s worth my time to take up. I could go to the Olympics! CHYEAH.

7. Amateur theatre productions. I had to buy the Norton Shakespeare when I was in university. This means that I know own every single Shakespearean play and sonnet ever penned, and what the heck am I going to do with them now? The only logical answer: Shakespeare in the park – coming to a dog park near you.

8. Learn the lute. You know what hipsters? Mandolin is SO last year. Lute is where it’s at. Neighbors: prepare to be serenaded, medieval style.

9. Ditto harpsichord, accordion, and steel drums. I am going to be the best one-woman band you ever saw.

10. Realistically, I will continue my obsession with Parks and Recreation and watch every single episode ever filmed to date. That should take me about three more days. And then it’s needlepoint, all day, er’day.

~ Julia

p.s. It has come to my attention that mandolins are part of the lute family. But you know what Wikipedia, I stand by my earlier statement. LUTES FOREVER!

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