Here, There, Everywhere a Dollar Store

I don’t know what it is about the city that I live in, but there are dollar stores EVERYWHERE. My friend Kim pointed this out to me a while ago and I now realize that she was 100% correct. In total, we have at least five Dollaramas and then a whole bunch of other dollar stores. Now I have to ask, why?

What is it about our city that attracts dollar stores? Are we, as a population, generally cheaper than most? Or perhaps this is a common trend among other cities in Southern Ontario. Or maybe it’s just the thing that Guelph has a lot of, like how Kitchener has more dance studios than people who actually dance. That’s a gross over-exaggeration obviously, but I kind of wonder if every able-bodied person in the entire city takes dance lessons and that’s why they have so many dance studios. Is everyone in the city of Guelph frequenting dollar stores on a weekly basis? Because I’m not and I’d like to know so that I can perform my civic duty.

Maybe there’s some sort of novelty of only paying a dollar for something that I’m missing. But even then, dollar stores aren’t dollar stores in the way that they used to be. It used to mean that every item in the store cost one dollar (plus tax). But now it means essentially that things are even cheaper than they are at Walmart and you pay dollars for them. That’s one hell of a loophole, if you ask me.

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

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