Scissor-Knife, Scizzor-Pants, Sabre-Ocean? Introducing my new moniker

Well, folks, after many months of Hilary being Hilary Lyon Axel Hatchet and me just being Julia, we’ve come up with a pen name for me as well. Or nom de plume as my mum said because she’s tres fancy like that.

Regardless of what you might have heard, I came up with Axel Hatchet as the world’s best compound last name, which it is, undisputedly. There are a lot of hyphenated last names out there that are crap, but hey, who am I to tell you what to do with your marriage/moniker? Then, yesterday, Hilary called me Gloria Hoppelfanger in an email which is actually the worst name in the world, though admittedly humours. And while I enjoy Gloria, and Hoppelfanger is hilarious, it didn’t seem fair, you know? I wanted an Axel Hatchet-level of cool. Hilary came up with Scissor Knife which sounds dangerous and I came up with Scissor Pants which sounds even more dangerous, but not in a cool way.

And then.

Hilary came up with Saber.

And now, I am Julia Maurice Sabre-Ocean.

I spell it the English way because I’m snooty, and added Ocean because it has a nice ring to it. We’re not sure where Maurice came from but we dig it.


~ Julia Maurice Sabre-Ocean

P.S. In that same email I tried to sign off to Hilary by writing PEACE but mistyped and it came out PEACH which is just yelling out a fruit aggressively. Naturally, it’s become a thing and we both use it now.

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