“Take me out to the ball game?” More like take me out of the ball game

My blog post is so late today because a) I was too tired to write it this morning at 6:00am, and b) I’ve only now just gotten home from baseball practice. At this point, some of you are probably thinking “I didn’t know you played baseball, Hilary” and some of you, quite rightly, are probably thinking “hah!”

I don’t in fact play baseball. I have been watching it since right out of the womb, though. My brother, five years older than me, has been playing since he was five-years-old. And I was born the day after him. Prime baseball season too. Let me assure you that watching baseball for twenty-two years, give or take a few months, does not a baseball player make. Although, that having been said, I’m probably not the worst baseball player there ever was. Probably.

You’re now probably wondering why I was practicing a sport I don’t play and am not good at, other than perhaps sadistic reasons. I am on the softball team at work. I was actually on the team before I even started working there. Literally my first day in, my manager said “so you’re on the softball team”. Well then. It’s alright though because supposedly the best they did at the insurance company tournament (?) last year was one run, so I doubt I can make them any worse. Especially now that I’ve practiced.

The one and only tournament (thank the good Lord) is next Friday. I don’t even own running shoes. I was trying to figure out whether or not I could get away with converse (probably not, but I might try anyway. At least they’re better than ballet flats). It should be fun at the very least.

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

P.S. I will say that I’m slightly concerned about the outfield, though. Me and uneven ground don’t mix very well together. I honestly only have about 40% mobility in my left ankle on the best of days. I forsee a lot of hobbling.

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