Demon flats of death

I tend to avoid high heels because my thought is, if I wanted to be six feet tall and in crippling foot pain, I would have continued ballet. But at work, the floor I’m on is ultra fancy, what with all the VPs walking in around in suits and ties. Last summer, one floor up, I wore cute strappy leather sandals the entire summer. This summer, they feel almost as casual as if I were wearing flip flops at work. And I’m not that girl. Never be that girl. SO. I bought two pairs of adorable flats, both a little pink, both with a bit of gold, both perfect for summer office wear.


That is until the open toed ones (on the left) chewed up the backs of my heals destroying my feat and breaking my spirit. ALL the foot pain!

Now this seems counter-intuitive to me. Why did I buy flats if they’re going to hurt just as much as heels? Flats are supposed to be comfortable, flats are supposed to be sensible, flats aren’t supposed to be demon piranhas of deathly pain.

I will break these flats in, and I will look cute and professional! And I will ignore the foot pain/blisters/blood in the process. Worth it? Probably, totally, not.

~ Julia Maurice Sabre-Ocean

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2 thoughts on “Demon flats of death

  1. Dude, wear some sort of hair serum on the places that rub. Sounds weird, but it helps reduce friction. Stick in there! They WILL break in and they WILL be super comfortable after!

  2. H. E. Lexus says:

    Evil flats… Never liked them… Go with the heels. 😉

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