A Little Electro

As I was perusing the internet this morning, killing time before I had to go to work, I discovered Lorde. That makes it seem like I found religion, but she’s actually a singer from New Zealand [side note: Google Chrome doesn’t recognize Zealand as an actual word. Well I assure you. Google, it is].

This might be the chillest electro-pop I’ve ever heard and I like it. A lot.  And I have more electro music to share with you!

This has a pretty spectacular ’80s feel to it.

This also has an ’80s feel to it. Julia and I saw this band by accident when we went to see the Shout Out Louds in Toronto a while back. It didn’t say the opening band on the ticket and the lead singer was a bit of a mumbler, so neither of us had any idea what they were called for the entire concert. I had to Google it. I won’t lie, it was actually the most unengaging experience I’ve ever had. The drummer looked at the audience once and then looked subsequently horrified and never once looked up again.

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

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