Mind. Blown.

For all of you who have Googled “Jessica Love Hewitt mole” and somehow found our blog (there are for some reason so many of you!), you will probably be astounded to know that Jessica Love Hewitt is not only moleless (as far as Hilary and I have ever been able to tell) but also pregnant and engaged. But wait. That’s not even the most exciting part. While I think this might throw a wrench into the writers’ of the Client List plans (she’s kinda nakey in that show a lot right?) it doesn’t even come close to comparing to what I learned yesterday. Jessica Love Hewitt once dated Ben Flajnik.

For those of you who don’t know, Ben was a Bachelor once upon a time and he chose who might have been the most horrible contestant to ever grace that show, Courtney. Ugh she was the worst. I’m thinking J.L.H. was probably a huge step up for Ben. And at the same time, I feel like Flajnik was probably the low point in J.L.H.’s dating history (lengthy as it is). I mean one time we ran this photo:


And then we decided later he looked more like Francine from Arthur:

The spitting image.

The spitting image.

Why J. Love Hew.? WHY?

~ Julia

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