The “Muggerload” (in related news, I make terrible puns)

The other day my sister-in-law Jess mentioned that I shouldn’t even bother owning glasses because I have so many mugs. I should just drink everything out of mugs. Come over, want a glass of wine? Sure but you have to drink it out of this London skyline mug. Oh, you’d like a glass of water? Alas, all you can use is this flamingo mug. So that got me thinking that yes, I should do this, and these are the mugs I’m looking at adding to the collection next:


These are super duper adorable.

From GreySkiesBlue on Etsy


Perfect Ron Swanson scowl.

From PeachyApricot on Etsy



From SpademanPottery on Etsy


Oh Abe.

From Mugsleys on Etsy


Nerdalicious Scrabble mugs

theprintedsurface on Etsy

~ Julia

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