So Comparing British Celebrities to Animals is a Thing then?

I was emailing Julia at work the other day and she sent me a rather hilarious photo of Nicholas Cage’s face on a sloth. So, in return, I sent her a photo of Martin Freeman being compared to a hedgehog, which I assure you is a legitimate cultural phenomenon. I kid you not, almost the first thing that populates when you type Martin Freeman’s name into Google is “Martin Freeman hedgehog”. This man was the hobbit in The Hobbit and the first thing people want to know about him is how much he looks like a hedgehog.


The thing is, it’s startlingly accurate. And this isn’t the only example. Benedict Cumberbatch is often compared to an otter. People have done fan art revolving around a consulting otter and sidekick hedgehog.


But this got me thinking about what other famous people are being compared to animals. Short answer: David Mitchell.


I also found this picture when I was perusing the internet for photos.


As I said to Julia, when was this ever a thing? Dear God. Is it just me or does he look a little bit like Helen Mirren here? But also Ralph Fiennes. Like Helen Mirren and Ralph Fiennes had a creepy, slightly terrifying Albino love child. Food for thought.

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

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