The secret to potato salad

I won’t lie to you, I find most potato dishes generally intimidating, mostly because potatoes just take so bloody long to cook. But, potato salad might be the perfect summer bbq side, and I saw this recipe on Smitten Kitchen, and I love everything with dill pickles, so I thought, why the heck not. And I’ll let you in on a little secret: once you’ve read the recipe once you never have to read it again. Essentially, just scrub and slice your potatoes. Boil them in salted water. When they’re done and reasonably cooled, add chopped green onion, chives, or red onion, some chopped hard-boiled egg, diced celery, and in this case chopped dill pickle. Then add your mayo and vinegar. Just add a little at first and keep adding if necessary to coat the potatoes. Season with salt and pepper, and then you’re done. That’s it. It’s easy. And it’s good.


~ Julia Maurice Sabre-Ocean

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