Kaidence Kardashian and other ridiculous baby name suggestions

Well, Kim Kardashian has had her baby and unconfirmed reports are swirling about that her name is “Kaidence”. I refuse to believe that stupidity until it’s confirmed by the parents. But this got me thinking of celebrity baby names in general. I think we all knew that the Kardashian/West baby would have an unusual name (who spells Chloe with a K? I ask you.) but I was hoping for Klout or Kookie or Kandlestick.

And then we have Jessica Simpson, who named her daughter Maxwell Drew – one of the most masculine names I’ve ever heard. Since she’s having a boy this time perhaps she’ll name him Cynthia Rose. Or Meaghan Leanne. Or, and I’m pulling for this one, Dorothy Helen. Classic female names.

And what about Kate Middleton? Will they follow royal tradition and name the child after royal ancestors? Elizabeth, Mary, Anne, Catherine, Henry, James, Edward… I think the one thing we can agree on, is that it likely won’t be Richard. He had a humpback and murdered his small nephews – perhaps not the man you want to pay homage to. Or, maybe Kate and Will will break from tradition and name their child something completely non-traditional. Boris. Samantha. Yves. Keira. Damian. Kaidence.

The options really are endless. All we know for sure is that Kim might have outdone her fellow celebrity moms, and even herself, with Kaidence. Gosh I hope that it’s not true.

~ Julia Maurice Sabre-Ocean

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