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Find Yourselves a Work Email Buddy; Mine’s Fantastic

Since Julia is away this week, Dominique (who you may remember from yesterday’s post) has taken her place as my work email buddy. I think she might just remain my work email buddy. I laughed so hard just before lunch yesterday, but I was trying to keep it in so as not to draw attention to myself. I ended up very nearly in tears as a result. Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About…Disney Movies

Today, on this very special second edition of Let’s Talk About Tuesday, I am joined by my friend and future roommate Dominique (a.k.a. Cricket or Fox if she’s being particularly sassy, which, I won’t lie, is a lot of the time) because Julia has flitted off to California to have way more fun than the rest of us. Some people. In any case, we’re discussing a topic particularly close to Dominique’s heart, Disney movies (but let’s be real, they’re close to most people’s hearts). This all started because I borrowed Pocahontas from Dominique to watch at my nana’s house. I watched three movies that night. Continue reading

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“Please tell me someone has died”: A Post Brought to You By The Bachelorette

I can sum up this episode in two words: tears and comfortableness. Essentially, it’s all incredibly frustrating, which is why you’ll all be glad you came here to read this instead of having to sit through the agony that is watching it yourself. You’re welcome. Continue reading

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Prince George

I know this happened last week and it’s old news by now (though is it really? Because it didn’t happen that long ago), but I figured at least one of us should address the newest baby name release of the world and with Julia off to San Fran, I guess that’s me. So alright then. Continue reading

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Hello my chums! Continue reading

August is going to be great musically

Oh my goodness, what? One of us is posting on Friday for the first time in ages? Yup. But hold on, folks, it might not be that terribly exciting. I think it is, but I guess if we start questioning things like this, we start questioning the whole premise of blogging, and our brother already did that. Continue reading

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How To Time Manage Fun

I need to buy myself a planner so that I can keep track of all the fun I’m having. Honestly, how lame does that sound? It sounds, in fact, a little bit like I’m lying about having any fun at all. It makes me seem very uncool, but I swear it’s true! Continue reading

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I use antlers in all of my decorating!

I’m moving in about a month, and I’m terribly excited! The new apartment is gorgeous (the landlord is a contractor, so we lucked out!) and I’m already thinking of fun ways to decorate the new space. Taking a cue from Gaston, I was thinking some (fake) antlers could be fun: Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About…Victorian England

Guys, new and exciting things are happening over here at Sarcasm Soapbox! Well, sort of. Julia’s been watching excessive amounts of Chuck and I’ve been listening to the Aladdin soundtrack non-stop for about three days. But what’s really exciting is our new feature, in which we choose a subject, any random topic, and discuss it hilariously. Happy first Let’s Talk About Tuesday! Continue reading

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The Men Tell All: miscommunications and hurt feelings

Last night was the “very special edition” of the Men Tell All, but the only thing special about it was that it managed to be even more boring than years past. Continue reading

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