Newt! I mean Knute!

Jessica Simpson has officially given birth to her second child after what seems like a normal time to be pregnant and far less interest than the last one. The newest addition to the family is a boy named Ace Knute, which really falls off the tongue. Say it out loud, it’s awkward, especially if you pronounce the K.

According to this article, Ace was given the middle name Knute after her fiance’s paternal grandfather, who was Swedish, which really does make me feel better about the whole thing. At least they didn’t just pull the name out of thin air because essentially they have given him the name of a small reptile.


The article I linked to above is called “The Meaning Behind Jessica Simpson’s ‘Macho’ Baby Name” and I kind of wonder if they recycled that title from her last pregnancy.

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

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