Charlie Horses, Water, and Voldemort

I woke up in the middle of the night yesterday with a charlie horse in my left calf. I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced a charlie horse, but it’s agonizing for quite some time. I must have been really tired because I just fell asleep and moved on with my life. Until I woke up in the morning and my calf still hurt. It didn’t hurt like a charlie horse (because that’s crippling), it hurt like I had a knot in my calf, which made walking a bit tricky. Or, I should say rather, more tricky, because walking for me is always a bit tricky. ALL the leg and joint pain.

Anyway, I told one of my cubicle buddies at work and she said that people get charlie horses when they’re dehydrated. So I drank a lot of water and it worked! I now have no more calf pain. I do, however, have to pee ALL THE TIME. I don’t know how people drink this much water on a regular basis, although I suppose you’d get used to it if you did it often enough. I had three water bottles in the morning and then another one in the afternoon, at which point I had to stop because I had also had a juice box at lunch and the constant need to urinate was becoming a bit much.

In any case, tomorrow’s Friday, I don’t have crippling calf pain anymore, and I’m probably the most hydrated I’ve ever been in my whole life. Life is good! Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

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