Loving Bloglovin

Guys. I’ve discovered this really cool thing called Bloglovin. I know that 90% of your faces probably have expressions of incredulity on them as you think “what are you, new?” to which I reply:   ….  (*sounds of crickets chirping*)

I got nothin. Bloglovin is not new, and I know that a lot of you probably already use it. I think I must have been existing under a rock or something to only have discovered it now. If you made this discovery eons ago like a normal human, make sure you use it to keep track of us, because we’re wily and worth reading! Yes.

For for the other 10% of you who think “golly gee, Bloglovin sounds neato and might help me navigate this newfangled interweb” (much like I did) listen up! It’s wonderful. Bloglovin serves as a reader for which to keep track of all your favourite blogs. Users create free accounts and then load up all the blogs they want to follow, and each time said fave blogs publish a new post, you get it on Bloglovin. It keeps all your favourite things in one place, and it’s glorious.

BloglovinThis is a snapshot of my feed, full of important things like scrapbooks and pretty houses. You can see why I love this. All the fashion, food, and fun blogs in one place ❤

~ Julia Maurice Sabre-Ocean

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