Super great things lately

I’ve developed a wee obsession with Brussels sprouts. Unusual, yes. I’ve taken to boiling them for two minutes, then slicing them in half lengthwise and sautéing them in a bit of butter with salt and pepper. They’re so outrageously delicious like this. It’s like vegetable candy and I’m in love.

This past weekend I made it to the beach, and let me tell you, that was no small accomplishment. All of a sudden the days turn warm and life goes crazy. People get married left, right, and centre, people move, people host bbqs and get-togethers, it certainly seems as though everybody celebrates their birthday, and you still go to work five-days a week, but you try and squeeze in your own vacation if ever possible. But yesterday we just packed up and beached and while I’m a bit burnt (it’s startling how quickly and deeply I burn considering my dark hair and eyes. Trust me, I reapply SPF 60 like it’s my second job) it was still an awesome lazy time. We listened to Aqua on the way home. Enough said.

I have become desperately addicted to watching Chuck. It’s become a real, very real problem. Like, it’s even more of a problem than my scarf addiction because all I want to do is watch Chuck all day, every day, forever. The day I finish season five and thus the series will be a sad, sad day. I had been looking for a new TV show to watch in the summer months when not much is on, and I remember my friend Nicole saying that she was really into it. Since Nicole is the one who practically forced us to watch Parks and Rec (and look how well that turned out) I figured I should attempt it. GOOD LORD it’s good! I remember seeing commercials for it years ago, but this was the time when I was at the dance studio nearly every night and never ever watched TV. I’m more than making up for that now.

It’s hometown dates tonight on The Bachelorette which promises to be pure gold. Look for a recap tomorrow!

~Julia Maurice Sabre-Ocean

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