Rachel’s Just Doing Her Thing

Keeping with ’90s theme we seemed to have developed this week, I thought I would reminisce with you about S Club 7.

Ahhh…they were crap, weren’t they?

I was talking to my friend a while ago and he asked if I had known that the members of S Club were actually British rather than Australian as he had originally thought. It seems obvious now, looking at the teeth on that one blonde girl, but I also thought they were Australian for some reason. I guess as a child I didn’t quite understand the subtleties of accents and they always seemed to be hanging out on beaches having beach parties in the sunshine, which, I’m fairly certain, are all activities that do not take place on English beaches. The people who spend time on English beaches generally look, in opposition to S Club here, miserable and pale because it almost always rains and it’s damn cold.

I wonder if any of them regret getting those bicep tribal tattoos? I bet Nick Lachey does as well, although, to be fair, I’m sure he regrets a lot of other things too. Other things they might now regret include that dance routine, those capris, and that horrible acted intro. On the other hand, I have never seen so many women rock crop tops quite as well.

Just one final thing before I leave this with the world: does anyone else wonder what Rachel’s “thing” is? I want it to be needlepoint so badly.

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

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One thought on “Rachel’s Just Doing Her Thing

  1. Jo just ruffled her hair, didn’t she? … I liked Jo…

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