How To Time Manage Fun

I need to buy myself a planner so that I can keep track of all the fun I’m having. Honestly, how lame does that sound? It sounds, in fact, a little bit like I’m lying about having any fun at all. It makes me seem very uncool, but I swear it’s true!

The funny thing is that I almost never had a planner when I was at school. I had one during a particularly busy semester at school and I would just stare at it and inwardly panic, but other than that, I generally went without. But now it seems that I need one just to manage my fun.

I guess this is what happens when you enter the working world and I must admit it’s one of the best things about being fully employed. Yes, you do have to go to work for eight hours a day whilst the gloriously unemployed (or “funemployed, as my friend coined it) get to stay home and watch hours and hours of day-time television (“I swear this one really is my baby’s daddy, Maury”). But then, when 5 o’clock rolls around, that’s it. I’m sure some people with horribly stressful jobs that I personally do not care to have ever, have to still deal with work-related things in their downtime. These are the people that bring their laptops to the cottage, sleep with their cell phones, and get ulcers. No thank you. I am the kind of employed person that is actually unable to do work at home and thus has all the free time in the world (as soon as 5 o’clock happens).

But I’m  not used to this after school, when I was working and struggling to read four books a week. During school, I didn’t have very many weekends entirely to do fun things. So now that I do, I seem to be fully embracing YOLO as a philosophy. Me and a whole bunch of angsty pre-teens. It’s great!

But I can’t keep up. People ask me to do things on the weekend and I want to say yes, but I honestly can’t remember if I’m already doing something fun, because usually I am. So I need to buy myself a planner. So that I can better time-manage all this fun I’m having.

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